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Since our last major expansion in 2002, Davidson United Methodist Church has experienced constant growth while supporting expanded commitment to missions in our community through worship, fellowship, education and service.  Our accomplishments have led us to now wonder what other opportunities exist for us.  How else might we reach new people for our church, but more importantly, for the kingdom of God?  This question primes the pump of our thinking and opens us up to the possibilities of greater living out our mission statement.

The two biggest obstacles to growth we face are space and an urgency of the need for more space.  In a sense, the lack of understanding about the need for space is our own fault.  We have become very good at making do with the spaces we have.  While this is good, it is not ideal for program growth. 

We have become “root-bound” in our approach to space.  For the most part, we are comfortable in the existing spaces and many people rarely see the need for new physical space, but it is definitely there.  Larger and additional spaces will allow our existing ministries to expand, make room for new participants, and provide a seedbed from which new ministries can start.