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selecting a spiritual director

A spiritual director helps you notice God's movement in prayer, and in the events and circumstances of your life. A director does not necessarily have to share your denomination or faith.

Marjorie Thompson offers the following criteria for selecting a spiritual director in her book, Soul Feast:

1. Look for Christians with a certain maturity of faith;
2. Look for people who know they are not perfect;
3. Seek out people who are patient and attentive listeners;

4. Look for people who invite trust; and
5. Look for mentors who place their trust in the grace of God.

Henri Nouwen gives this advice: "Spiritual direction does not mean that one spiritual person tells another, less spiritual person what to think, say, or do in order to become a more spiritual person. It is not the knower speaking to the ignorant. Spiritual direction means that two or more sinful, broken, struggling people come together to listen to the direction of the Spirit."

Finally, a spiritual director/friend must have a regular prayer life, reverence for the individual's spirituality, and adherence to confidentiality and other professional standards as well as to be in direction themselves.

Listed here are area spiritual directors who have agreed to be part of this service. All are experienced in spiritual direction and subscribe to the guidelines for ethical conduct as outlined by Spiritual Directors International (SDI). Learn more about spiritual direction at the SDI website:   
Fees for spiritual direction range from no charge, a donation, or set fee.

The Spiritual Formation Ministry Team of Davidson United Methodist Church does not intend this to be an endorsement or recommendation of certain directors, but rather information for convenience and reference. Questions? Contact Ann Starrette at 704-488-5825.